Caledonian Hotel, formerly Freemason’s Four 1857 - 1920

361 Coventry Street, corner Nixon Place, South Melbourne
MEL: 2K A2



John Lichtfield first licensed the Freemason’s Four Hotel in 1857. It was renamed the Caledonian by Mary Marsden in 1861. The current building, constructed in 1889, was made of brick and comprised sixteen rooms.  It was then sold to Agnes Fowler and licensed to David Wilson.  The Victorian design is unusual: unlike most hotels in the area, it does not have clear corner sites, and its pedimental entrance is placed at the centre of its façade.  Although it was one of many hotels closed by the Licences Reduction Board on 31 December 1920, its façade is mostly intact, and is now a residential block that has retained the name ‘The Caledonian’.





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