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Voices from Elwood



Julie Shiels, Meyer Eidelson





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ISBN: 978-0-9804534-5-4 (Online)




Editing: Julie Shiels, Meyer Eidelson

Layout: John Hulskamp

Photography: Julie Shiels




Much of Elwood’s history resides in the memory of older members of our community. Their stories give us great insight into the challenges of life in the past, provide valuable information about historic events and places and even document substantial

changes over time to the landscape of Elwood. These seven oral histories contributed by iconic

members of the Elwood community are a lasting memorial for families and friends and a generous gift to the rest of us.


Part two of this small publication is intended to encourage others to record valuable stories of family and community members which may otherwise be lost to future generations and includes

practical advice and resources on how to do so.


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