A Place of Sensuous Resort



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A Place of Sensuous Resort


Buildings of St Kilda and Their People


Richard Peterson





Second Edition, 2009
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ISBN: 978-0-9804534-4-7 (On-line)





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Date of Publication: 5 February 2005

Second Edition: 9 June 2009





  From its earliest settlement, St Kilda was Melbourne’s place of sensuous resort – a place to escape for pleasure, or for lifestyle sufficiently distant from the noisy, dusty, polluted city. St Kilda’s recreational beaches and elevated ground, with sea view, romantic sunsets and bracing sea breezes, lay above the low unhealthy marshland of the
southern Yarra bank and Albert Park.

Today, St Kilda has perhaps the most diverse and historic built environment of any Australian suburb.
In addition an  incredibly vital and mixed population
have occupied its apartments, boarding houses, mansions, theatres, schools, homes, shops, cottages,
pleasure palaces and public buildings. Sometimes it seems that the entire Australian population enjoy some connection to the ‘playground of Melbourne’.

In this passionate study, which includes photographs and a walking map, Richard Peterson has chosen forty-eight of the most iconic and fascinating buildings. He describes their architecture, their
creators, the stories of their occupants and how their heritage relates to the great social events in
 he world around them over the past 160 years.


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