Water Rat Bar and Cafe, formerly Freemasonsí Hotel, Druidsí Hotel and Enzee Hotel 1858 -

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Druid's Hotel, 1919


Founded by Henry Glynn in 1858, the Freemasonís Hotel was originally at 252 Moray Street.Publican Allen Wyatt had his license cancelled on 23 July 1864 for allowing a Mrs. Crunies, who had bought the hotel, to manage without a license.His successor Peter Madden (1864-1872) was buried from the hotel on 2 February 1872.After an auction on 16 April 1874, the Freemasonsí Hotel was renamed Druidís Hotel.

While it was not a traditional painters and dockers hotel, it is often associated with the union, largely because of the 1973 murder of union secretary Pat Shannon who was gunned down at the hotel. Billy ĎThe Texaní Longley, a key figure in the union, was found guilty of Shannonís murder that he had instigated although not directly executed.During the 1980s, a group of solicitors who named the hotel the Splash Club after their weekly Friday night drinks bought the hotel, but by 1985, it was known as the Enzeder. It was renamed the Water Rat in 1991 and was one of the first hotels in South Melbourne to introduce outdoor seating.A wood fire for winter nicely complements the curvaceous central bar. It closed at the end of 2003

Water Rat Cafe in 2004

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