St Kilda Hotel, then St Kilda Family Hotel and Tradesmen’s Hotel 1851 – 1919

68-70 Clyde Street, St Kilda
MEL: 58 A10



St Kilda Family Hotel, 2002


Although it dates back as far as the oldest group of hotels in the region for which it is named, the St Kilda Family Hotel was also one of the most short-lived.  Licensed from 24 June 1851, it was extended in 1861 by architect EJ Sanders, and again in 1869 to the design of well-known architect George R Johnson (1840-1898) whose designs also included various Melbourne and country Town Halls, the Prince of Wales Opera House in Melbourne and the Criterion Theatre in Sydney.  It was registered as the St Kilda Family Hotel in 1890 until 1891, when licensee Peter Brodie renamed it ‘Tradesmen’s Hotel’ (also known as ‘Tradesmen’s Club’).  In 1910, it became the Victoria Hotel. 

It closed as a hotel on 19 August 1919, and became a rooming house known as ‘The Clyde’ and later ‘Carmel House’.  A 1988 attempt by the Brighton Historical Society to have it registered with the National Trust was unsuccessful.  A further attempt in 1990 by the City of St Kilda to have it included on the State Heritage register also failed.  The building is now used as a private residence. 

The St Kilda Family Hotel is the oldest surviving hotel structure in St Kilda.




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