Main Point Hotel 1869 - 1926

273 Moray Street, corner City Road, South Melbourne
MEL: 2F C10

Originally built of wood, plaster, and comprising four rooms, the Main Point Hotel was first licensed by George William Hall in 1869. Alexander Marks succeeded him in 1870. Owing to an error by a borough official, magistrate Mr. C Mollison PM refused to grant Marks a license in 1872 although he was both owner and publican. Marks died a year later and was buried from the hotel.

Emily and James Rubina rebuilt the hotel with bricks in 1903, as evidenced by the date on the corner face of the building. Although it once stood as a landmark on the south bank, the former hotel is now buried amongst roads and the Kings Way overpass. De-licensed in 1926, it is still mostly intact and is now the site of the Costume Shop.


Former Main Point Hotel, 2004


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