Golden Fleece Hotel, formerly Strieff’s Hotel and Golden Fleece Hotel 1872 -

120 Montague Street, corner Buckhurst Street, South Melbourne
MEL: 2J J1



Golden Fleece Hotel, 1981


John Edward Deeble first licensed the Golden Fleece Hotel in 1872. Built in stages between 1872 and 1880 on land owned by Deeble, the site originally comprised a four-roomed timber building to which he added a brick bar.  By 1880, although Deeble still owned the hotel, it was licensed to Caroline Murray and subsequently extended to incorporate eleven rooms. An adjoining brick shop, also owned by Deeble, was let to grocer Edward Barton.  This shop has since been incorporated into the present day hotel.

After Mrs E Strieff took on the license in 1889, it was renamed Strieff’s, a name that was only retained until 1891 after the license was transferred from Carl Strieff to H Wood, when the original name was restored.  Brewer Alexander McCracken, who owned many hotels around Melbourne, owned the hotel at the turn of the century. The Golden Fleece Hotel was refurbished during the inter-war period, as evidenced by the style of the lower level windows, parapets and upper level balconies. The hotel, which advertises the ‘Best Beer in Melbourne’ on a painted sign on its façade, was popular amongst the wharfies and fishermen, and has maintained the tradition of a local drinkers’ pub.



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