Emerald Hotel 1852 - 1913

Formerly 76 Clarendon Street, corner Grant Street, South Melbourne; now a part of the Westgate Freeway
MEL: 2F C11


Emerald Hotel (Liardet water-colour), c.1850

One of four hotels built on allotments purchased in the first land sales in Emerald Hill in 1852; the Emerald was founded by Charles Blan, and was the first licensed hotel in Emerald Hill.  Frequented by a higher class of Diggers, it was notable for its deep verandah and American bowling alley, which was used as a dance hall, where men danced with pipes and women with champagne tumblers in their hands. The Emerald was amongst thirteen hotels closed at the end of 1908 by the Licences Reduction Board, which began hearings in South Melbourne at the beginning of that year.



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