Town Hall Hotel, formerly Cosmopolitan Hotel 1868 -

137 Bank Street, corner Wilson Street, South Melbourne
MEL: 2K E2


Town Hall Hotel, 1981


Erasmus Irving resided on the premises on the corner of Bank Street and Market Lane (now known as Wilson Street) before having the site licensed in 1868.He named it the Cosmopolitan Hotel, however by 1881, was renamed the Town Hall Hotel by C Harding, a name retained until today. World-renowned singer Sylvia Fisher retained a family interest in the hotel even after joining Londonís Covent Garden Opera Company in 1949. Patrons in the past have included actor Bill Hunter, music producer Ron Tudor and singer Brian Cadd.In the post-war period, the Town Hall was considered a working class hotel but its current patrons view it as an incredibly democratic venue where people from all walks of life can engage with each other.An attempt to convert the hotel to an upmarket venue in the 1980s was unsuccessful in that it alienated its regulars, yet a return to its previous form, saw their large-scale return. In the early 1990s, a mural painted to depict the hotel in the foreground and Slovenia in the background, celebrates the cultural origins of the publican and his new home!



Town Hall Hotel. 2004



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