The Motel formerly the Roxy, Albion Hotel 18?? -

172 York Street, corner Northumberland Street, South Melbourne
MEL: 2K B1



It is unknown when this hotel was originally built, although it was rebuilt in 1869, after which it was known as the Albion.A three-storey brick building comprising a bar, dining room, lounge, 11 bedrooms, kitchen and bathrooms, the hotelís first licensee was Henry M. Prendergast on 6 June 1869, yet by the end of that year the hotel was sold and William Molloy became the new publican.The noted Melbourne architect M Hennessy, designer of Meagherís Family Hotel (now the Palace) in City Road, Freerís (now Bellís) Hotel and the Maori Chief, both in Moray Street, called for tenders for additions to the site in 1875.These included eight more rooms and a cellar.Architect Norman Hitchcock called for tenders for painting and graining in 1885. In 1888, a new three-storey building, designed by the architectural firm Powell and Whitaker, was erected on the site. This hotel has retained most of its 1880s detailing. In March 1980, it was renamed the Roxy.It became a nightclub called the Motel in the early 1990s.


Former Albion Hotel, 1987


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