Talbot Inn 1875 - 1913

144 Montague Street, corner Thistlethwaite Street, South Melbourne.
MEL: 2J J1


Former Talbot Inn, 2004

James B Lamond, founder of the Wayside Inn, first opened this hotel in 1875.  Lamond built the brick building with nine rooms and a bar on a site he owned, but only held the license for the first year, after which he leased the business to a succession of licensees. In January 1881, an engine driver named Timothy Collins reported an incident from the hotel when he observed three men, George Smith, John Foster and William Derhan; put a young man named Phillips into a water trough outside! The trio were charged with ‘insulting behaviour’.  It was amongst several hotels de-licensed on 18 April 1913, and, in 2003, is the site of a casting agency, Zoo Casting.



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