Star and Garter Hotel, formerly Pitt’s Hotel, Oakley’s Family Hotel, International, Mager’s Family Hotel, and Morgan’s Family Hotel 1854 – 1920s

24-26 Robe Street, corner Neptune Street, St Kilda
MEL: 58 A10


Site of the Star and Garter Hotel, 2003


Built in 1854, this was one of the largest hotels in St Kilda, comprising thirty rooms on three storeys. William Killick, who became known to the community as ‘Billy the Bus Boy’ (see Rees’ Hotel) after an early stint driving Mooney’s horse-drawn omnibus, eventually became the well-known and respected publican of the Star and Garter.  Architect Lloyd Tayler called for tenders for repairs and drainage in 1859.  In 1885 architect, Sydney W Smith designed three-storey brick additions, while Richard Speight jnr designed a billiard room in 1888.

An early Victorian hotel, it was converted into freestyle apartments by noted architect HV Gillespie in the 1920s.  Today the site at 24-26 Robe Street comprises the Western portion of the ‘Windsor Court’ apartments.



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