Silver Gate Hotel, formerly Emerald Hotel 1864 - 1978

Clarendon Street, corner City Road, South Melbourne
MEL: 2F C11

Patrick Farnham first licensed the Emerald Hotel in 1864. The following year it was renamed the Silver Gate Hotel by GW Hall. Originally a wooden building, it had two silver gates as a sign on top, and was later rebuilt probably in the early to mid-1880s in brick, according to the designs of architects Powell and Whitaker.
JD Pearson, caterer and licensee for forty-three years until his death in 1929, was a leading member of the Licensed Victuallers Association.
The license for this hotel was surrendered from 1 May 1978 as was demolished in order to build the Westgate Bridge, although a lower building was eventually constructed, to accommodate a branch of the McDonalds chain.


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