OíConnellís Centenary Hotel 1876 -

193 Montague Street, corner Coventry Street, South Melbourne
MEL: 2J K2



O'Connellís Centenary Hotel, 2004



O'Connellís Centenary Hotel, 1981


Formerly a private residence occupied by Mrs Mary Cox in 1873, Mathew McKay founded OíConnellís Centenary Hotel in 1876.The name of this hotel refers to the birth centenary of Daniel OíConnell a leader in the fight for Catholic religious emancipation in Ireland. RH Williams, publican in 1909, would later take over Skinnerís Golden Gate Hotel before making his name as a Labor minister.

OíConnellís Centenary Hotel was well known for its restaurant under Chef Greg Malouf, which is currently headed by Kath Calker in 2003. OíConnellís is a comfortable pub where upmarket dining coexists with a bar and bistro

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