Hit or Miss Hotel, formerly National Hotel and Steetís Hotel 1854 - 1908

206-212 Clarendon Street, corner York Street, South Melbourne
MEL: 2K C1




Site of Hit or Miss Hotel, 1940


The Hit or Miss Hotel, founded by Peter Ross in 1854, was the site of several important meetings.One of these meetings resulted in the creation of the South Melbourne Municipal Council, however only after burning an effigy of John Thomas Smith, the Mayor of Melbourne.Ironically, an agreement to form a local fire brigade was reached at a council meeting at the hotel in 1854.It was renamed the National Hotel by James L Ross in 1873, but became Hit or Miss in 1874. Publican William Steet renamed it Steetís Hotel in 1880, but by 1884, Fanny Nelson restored the original name Hit or Miss. It was amongst thirteen hotels closed by the Licenses Reduction Board in 1908 and de-licensed on 31 December of that year.


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