Cricket Club Hotel 1870 -

435 Clarendon Street, corner Thomson Street, South Melbourne
MEL: 2K E5


Charles H Tocknall originally licensed the Cricket Club Hotel in 1870. It was situated on the corner of Thomson Street, which was then known as Little Raglan Street. In 1975, the hotel was licensed by footballer Brian Roberts who played for both South Melbourne and Richmond.  During his management, the hotel was referred to as ‘Whales Hotel’, an allusion to the size of the publican! Roberts would later manage the Duke of Wellington Hotel on the corner of Flinders and Russell Streets until its closure in 2003.  The room at the back of the hotel was featured in the 1990 film ‘Father’ starring Max Von Sydow.

John and Tania McConnan, who have been at the hotel since 2000, have extensively refurbished its interior while maintaining its authentic pub atmosphere, enhanced by the original judge’s chair and witness box from the old Prahran Courthouse. In 2001, the Cricket Club was one of the finalists in the Best Metropolitan Pub Without Gaming category of the Australian Hotel Association State Awards for Excellence.  An English style hotel, it is highly regarded by its patrons as a warm and friendly pub where good food and conversation are readily available.






Cricket Hotel, 1981

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