Council Club Hotel, formerly Court House Hotel 1864 - 1997

115 Cecil Street, corner York Street, South Melbourne
MEL: 2K B1




Market Inn, the former Council Club Hotel, 2004


In 1864, William Waymouth Litton established the Council Club Hotel.Comprising thirteen rooms and a large cellar, it was let at £250.0s.0d a year and its average takings were £35.0s.0d a week. It was sold in 1867, and again in 1870 at the instruction of the proprietor, possibly George Sims, who was giving up the business due to poor health.On 7 August of that year, Simsí funeral departed from the hotel.The Court House was renamed the Council Club in 1871 by new publican T Fitzsimmons.His successor Andrew Kavanagh (1872-1878) buried his wife from the hotel in 1874. The hotel was owned by Thomas Fogarty, Lonsdale Street wine & spirit merchant from 1881, until his death in November 1900. His family continued to own the hotel for another twenty years.

Harry R Johnson (1892-1954), architect, purchased it in 1927, and carried out extensive alterations to the premises including the addition of another entire floor of accommodation. The Johnson family continued to own it until 1979. It was a popular hotel amongst the painters and dockers. In 1997, David Parry bought the hotel and converted it to Nomadís Market Inn, a backpackersí hostel.



Council Club Hotel, 1981




South Melbourne with the two-storey Council Club Hotel at street corner, c.1870


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