Bayview / Bay View Hotel, also known as Locanda Veneta 1865 -

279 Cecil Street, corner Thomson Street, South Melbourne
MEL: 2K D5


Bayview / Bay View Hotel, 2003


The Bayview Hotel, first licensed by J McCann in 1865, was auctioned on 31 May 1867 under Bill of Sale including furniture and stock.  The Bayview was originally opposite Butt’s Railway Station, so named because of its pre-1861 incarnation as a rifle range with three butts. Architects Hennessy and Lalor designed additions to the original building in 1872.

The current building was constructed in the 1920s, possibly a complete rebuilding or complete alteration to the original hotel.  Although it is externally intact, changes have been made to its interior. It is now known primarily as Locanda Veneta, comprising a bistro and bar.  Locanda Veneta means Inn of Veneto, the place in Italy where proprietor Adriana Rogalsky spent the first sixteen years of her life.  Adriana and her husband Tony, joint owners and operators of Locanda Veneta, previously ran the long established Three Hats, Rogalsky’s restaurant in Clarendon Street.


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