Alma Hotel, formerly Shipwrights’ Arms Hotel and Anderson’s Hotel 1867 - 1908

252 Moray Street, corner Park Street, South Melbourne
MEL: 2K E3


The Shipwrights’ Arms Hotel was founded by Augustus Dixon in 1867.  In 1870, a transferral of the license from A Perkins to Thomas Morris was first denied because it transpired that Perkins was a single woman when she obtained the license, but had since married and changed her name.  As her married name was not on the license, the transferral was refused, but eventually granted.  In 1875, Thomas Anderson changed the name to Anderson’s Hotel, a title that lasted until John Holmes renamed it the Alma Hotel in 1879. In 1908, the Licensing Reductions Board undertook a review of hotels in the South Melbourne region resulting in the closure of 13 hotels.  This review was triggered from concern over the large number of hotels in the area and the quality of buildings and services. The Alma Hotel was amongst this group and was de-licensed on 15 April 1908.



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