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"A Place of Sensuous Resort"

Buildings of St Kilda and Their People

Richard Peterson

Second Edition 2009



This book was conceived as an e-book located on this web site www.skhs.org.au and as work in progress, i.e. an ongoing history subject to changes resulting from contributions by readers. For these reasons comprehensive editing was not implemented. However a small number of hard copies were published for libraries and non-user of cyberspace. Publication of this title has been assisted by the City of Port Phillip through its Cultural Development Fund. Many thanks go to the entire steering committee of the St Kilda Historical Society, in particular Peter Johnson, and to volunteer Chris Stoneman.

The initial edition was published in 2005. Author Richard Peterson generously revised the publication to this second edition in 2008. However the history of our built environment can change rapidly, witness for example recent changes to the ‘Triangle’ site, on which the Palais is located and we acknowledge even recent material can rapidly become out of date.

Our reasons for selections of buildings in this volume included their representation of architectural styles and structures, their association with significant persons or events and their diverse locations across St Kilda. Many thanks go to David Brand, former councilor of the City of Port Phillip, who assisted in the choice of our final forty eight buildings, and who has made an enormous contribution to the preservation of cultural heritage in St Kilda.

The Society is responsible for illustration copyright in this non-profit production, not the author or the City of Port Phillip. The Society has taken steps to ensure full acknowledgement and/or permission of relevant copyright sources and regrets any omissions if they exist.


For Darrell, who walked, drove and typed most of it.

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Publication of this title has been assisted by the City of Port Phillip through its Cultural Development Fund